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      The method of overhauling the fan motor in the cowshed

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      When the motor of the cowshed fan fails, how should we repair it? Below I will briefly introduce the maintenance method of the cowshed fan motor for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you.
      1. First disconnect the power supply of the cowshed fan host, and check whether the ground wire is well grounded;
      2. Check whether the screws and couplings of each part of the equipment are tightened;
      3. Check whether the insulation resistance of the cowshed fan motor meets the requirements according to the instruction manual;
      4. Check the contacts of the main circuit. If the contacts are severely ablated or worn, the contacts should be replaced immediately.
      The motor is an important component of the cowshed fan. Ensuring the normal use of the motor has an important impact on the cowshed fan. Today's content is introduced here. We will see you in the next issue. Thank you for reading.