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      Design of fan wet curtain cooling system in greenhouse

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      Whether the design of the fan wet curtain cooling system is reasonable or not is directly related to the cooling result, service life, operation economy and maintenance management of the greenhouse. The following is a brief description for you.
      1. Calculation of air volume
      The total ventilation required for greenhouse cooling is equal to the product of the greenhouse ventilation flow and the greenhouse floor area. It should be noted that the fan wet curtain is designed for the greenhouse ventilation rate, and the comprehensive factors such as the discharge of excess heat, the discharge of water vapor, and the discharge of carbon dioxide It is related. In the actual greenhouse design, there are many factors that need to be considered in the determination of the total ventilation volume of the greenhouse, and the design is formed by comprehensive consideration.
      2. Selection of fan
      The fans are designed and selected according to the total ventilation required by the greenhouse. The fan wet curtain cooling system generally adopts the negative pressure longitudinal ventilation method. The layout of the fans has the advantages of low equipment and operating costs, good overall cooling, and uniform wind speed. According to actual needs, according to the total ventilation volume and the performance parameters of the fan, the fan the number of units or the matching method.
      3. Calculation of circulating water volume
      The calculation of the water volume of the water circulation system includes the following aspects. In order to make the water circulation flow to make the fan wet pad normally wet and achieve the total system water volume value of the expected cooling effect, it is necessary to consider the normal wet pad evaporation water consumption during the use of the system. The amount of supplemented water is due to the increase of minerals in the circulating water, the change of PH value and the change of plasma concentration due to the evaporation of water, so it needs to be drained appropriately.