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      Maintenance method of wet curtain fan

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      The wet curtain fan uses the water circulation system in the machine to absorb the heat in the air blown in by the fan to achieve the effect of cooling. Next, we will introduce the maintenance method of the wet curtain fan.
      1. Water volume control. The water supply should make the wet pad of the wet pad fan evenly soaked, and there is a fine water flow down the wet pad ripples, and the water volume can be controlled by adjusting the water supply valve.
      2. The wet curtain paper pad is unevenly dry and wet. Adjust the water supply valve to control the water volume or replace the larger-power water pump and larger-diameter water supply pipe, flush the pool, water pump inlet, filter, spray water supply pipe, etc. in time to remove the dirt in the water supply circulation system.
      3. Water leakage treatment. If there is a problem with water droplets splashing off the wet curtain, check whether the water supply is too large, whether there is a damaged wet curtain, the edge is damaged or "flash", and if there is water leakage at the seam, after the water supply is stopped, add silica gel.
      4. Water quality control. Keep the water source clean, the pH of the water is between 6-9, regularly clean the pad fan, pool, circulating water system, etc., to ensure the cleanliness of the water supply system, and keep the water supplied in good quality. In order to prevent the growth of algae or other microorganisms on the pad surface, short Treatment can put 3-5ppm chlorine or bromine into the water, and the concentration is 1ppm during continuous treatment.