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      Correct cleaning method of cowshed fan

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      In the process of using the cowshed fan, it is inevitable that dust and oil will adhere to the surface of the equipment, and the equipment needs to be cleaned. The cleaning function not only makes the equipment clean and beautiful, but also has a great impact on the operation of the equipment. Introduce the correct cleaning method of the cowshed fan.
      1. Clean the surface
      We need to clean the surface of the radiator, the new radiator is easy to clean with a clean damp cloth, you can also bend the duster at will and wipe it carefully a few times like new.
      2. Close the return valve
      The rest of the barn fan can then be cleaned. Before cleaning, in order to keep the other oil return valve closed, use a wrench to gently close the plug on the side of the radiator, when the plug is gently unscrewed by hand, some water will flow out of the radiator, then we can use the water in the basin rinse it.
      3. Different radiator cleaning methods are different
      There are many radiators on the market now, we should pay attention to cleaning the radiators in different ways, the radiators are easy to clean, the surface can be as bright as an ordinary towel, and the distance between the two adjacent columns is small, and chemical fiber feather dusters can be used. The water dust collector can also prevent the dust from flying, just put the gouache into each gap, go back and forth like a saw, rinse with water in time, clean and heat it in a short time. The radiator gap is small, or you can use a discarded phone cord or some other thin wire with a damp rag on one end and a hole in the radiator on the other. Then while shaking the rope, slowly pull the cloth and repeat several times to clean the cowshed fan.
      3. Clean the radiator
      When cleaning the cowshed fan, we can use the method of flushing. When the temperature control valve is opened, the corresponding cleaning should be carried out again until the water in the radiator is relatively clean. Once the water is relatively clear, close the temperature control valve. Conversely, the same measures are corresponding cleaning, cleaning after opening the intake valve and the associated exhaust.