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      Requirements for the installation environment of the wet curtain fan

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      The installation of the wet curtain fan has great requirements for the environment. Let us understand the specific requirements in detail:
      1. For the fan wet curtain, if the indoor window is very high from the ground, the distance between the wet curtain should adopt the appropriate distance of negative pressure longitudinal ventilation, and the fan and the wet curtain are installed at both ends.
      2. When there is a workshop at one end of the room, the wet curtain cannot be installed on the wall at one end, then the wet curtain can be installed on the adjacent side wall of the room, and the fan is installed on the opposite wall, in pairs. Corner installation.
      3. When the distance between the gables in the workshop is too long, and the distance of the fan for exhausting air cannot achieve the expected effect, in order to reduce the resistance loss, the horizontal ventilation method can be adopted, that is, the fan and the wet curtain are installed in groups.
      4. The arrangement of the wet curtain is generally selected at the upper air outlet, the fan is arranged at the lower air outlet, and the air inlet of the wet curtain needs to have enough air intake space.
      5. Generally, a fan should be equipped with 6-8 square water curtains, and it should be evenly distributed.
      6. The negative pressure fan and the wet curtain are embedded installation, that is, the position of the fan and the wet curtain is reserved or chiseled on the wall of the house.