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      How many degrees can the wet curtain fan reduce?

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      How many degrees can the wet curtain fan reduce? Many customers have inquired about this issue. Generally, the indoor temperature can be lowered to about 5-10 degrees. In the hot summer, the temperature of the workshop can be basically kept within 30 degrees, and the ventilation can be ensured. At present, most workshops use wet curtain fans to cool down.
      In the hot summer, due to the heat generated by the work of the machine in the factory workshop, the temperature in the production workshop rises, the staff in the workshop is extremely hot, and the phenomenon of heat stroke occurs from time to time. When the temperature is high, the room temperature is often about 5°C higher than the normal room temperature. Recently, many local companies have tried various methods to cool their factories to create a comfortable working environment for their workers.
      The application of wet curtain fans has become the primary product in industrial plants, and the main purchasers are large-scale factories, especially many production and processing enterprises that have no conditional restrictions on air humidity and temperature. The installation of this cooling device can effectively improve the high temperature and sultry environment of the workshop, so that the temperature in the workshop can drop within 10 minutes, creating a comfortable working environment for the employees of the enterprise. This is also the real reason why many customers buy wet curtain fans to cool down.