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      Fan wet curtain needs regular maintenance

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      Regular maintenance of the fan wet pad can prolong its work efficiency. How to maintain the fan wet pad?
      1. When the fan wet curtain is running, it is necessary to ensure that the water supply and the water output are uniform.
      2. When the end face of the fan wet curtain is sealed, it is not allowed to run the wet curtain system.
      3. The water tank should be covered to avoid direct sunlight, and the water circulation system should be cleaned regularly.
      4. The entire water supply system should be cleaned at least weekly to eliminate the deposition of impurities.
      5. After the water supply system is turned off, the fan should continue to run for more than 30 minutes to dry the wet curtain.
      6. When the temperature is lower than 4 degrees Celsius, do not use the wet curtain cooling system, because it will hinder the airflow and may freeze the water supply pipeline.
      7. The bottom of the wet pad should not be immersed in the water of the bottom water tank, because when the wet pad system is not running, it is still in a state of infiltration, which will lead to the growth of algae and mold in the wet part.
      In order to ensure the normal operation of the fan wet curtain, the above maintenance work must be in place.